Thursday, June 20, 2019


Good day,
With warm hearts I offer my friendship and my greetings to you in the name of our lord God, and I hope this letter meets you in good time, I propose with my free mind and as a person of integrity from God, I know that this message will appear as a surprise to you that we barely know but the grace of God directed me to you and I wish you read this message and be blessed in name of the Lord.
I have a brain tumor, I suffer terribly at the moment. My doctor just informed me that my days are numbered because of my health, therefore condemned to certain death. Currently, I have exhausted all my savings for my medical care, but I do have some funds for my charity project. The said funds are deposited in a fixed deposit in a local bank in Benin Republic. The fund is meant for charitable foundation. My marital status is such that I'm single because I lost my Husband for over 9 years now and unfortunately we didn't have a child together, which should inherit my legacy. I would like to make a donation, so there will not be a stiff tax to release my funds.
I would be so graceful to help the poor, by giving away Four million euros (€4,000,000.00), to enable you to establish a charitable foundation in my memory, so that the grace of God be with me until my last home call, so I can receive an honorable place with the Lord our father. I devoted my entire life doing the work of charity, so it is important to me that you continue from where I've stopped. I want you to take this transaction seriously as I've faith that you will do what is necessary to conclude this project.
Know that you can keep half of the money for yourself and the rest will be used to create a charitable foundation in my memory and fund a fight against cancer and also build orphanages. Please you should send me the following details: Your full names, your address and your current phone contact, so I can forward them to my lawyer to prepare the necessary documents to commence with the fund release procedure. I am happy that I have got someone reliable and capable of continuing my work of charity. I have faith in you and hope for the best outcome of my proposed project.
Awaiting your prompt reply, receive my cordial and fraternal greetings.
Yours Sincerely,
Sarah Pitchard.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Hi Professor!

Professor. This is Christina Woo from your PIE and Prose&Paragraph class. I just want to thank you for a wonderful semester. I've learned to write better and to present myself more professionally. The topics we discussed in the P&P class was very interesting and the comments Professor gave me was very useful. 
Thank you so much! 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Soyoung Woo/Chapter4 final draft/wednesday 1~2

3.Which "The Ant and the grasshopper" is closer to real life, Aesop's fable or the Maugham story? Why?



Life is unfair, but Do not give up



I think that Aesop's fable "The Ant and the grasshopper" is closer to real life because of course there are exceptions, but usually the world is more likely to be a more sincere person. I think that Maugham's story is included in the exception.


The original world is unfair. The innate things in the world affect our lives so much. For example, when I was high school student, I not only have my friend who listened very hard classes, but also who thoroughly examines and reviews. and I have a friend who does not study after listening only to class. in middle exam and final exam, the latter friend had better scores that the former. I think that it is unfair situation but people in the world should not give up and give up. If they are not inherently talented, I think that they will be totally abandoned if they do not even try. So I think Aesop's fable is more useful to the average than the Maugham's story. I think that it is almost impossible to win a born talent with innate endeavors but I do not think that there are very few people who are inherently 'very good' talent. Therefore, I believe that ordinary people will succeed if they try hard like Aesop's fable's an ant. So I think that Aesop's fable "The Ant and the grasshopper""is closer to the real life than the Maugham story.




Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Seonghwan Cho / Chapter4 Part5 Draft2 / WED1-2

Working Mothers Need Help


As the generation went by, the role of men and women has changed. Among many changes, it is representative for women to be able to participate in economic activity. In the past, women can only do household chores and child caring. But today, We can find women in our workplace. This change seemed to be a blessing at the beginning because it means women can have same right right to work as men. However, nowadays it is a burden to women especially who have children. As the economic situation suffer hard time, it is difficult to make a living only by husband's income. As a result, women are forced to work in addition to taking care of their child and doing chores. Of course, I'm sure there is no one who thinks mother can do all of the requirements. For those working mothers, our society should guarantee their quality of life since they are members of our society. Through this writing, I'd like to deal with what society can do to help women balance work and family. And there are two main sections I will discuss one is political and economical and the other is sociocultural.


First of all, let's consider political and economical section. We need a policy to help working mothers. And the policy has to be practical and effective not nominal. What is now implementing is baby break it means child-care leave and subsidy for it. It looks seemingly great policy. However, many working mothers don't use the baby break. According to a research by the Korea Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, among 788 working mothers aged 15-49 since 2011, only 41.4% used baby break. It is because they worry to be fired or to get any disadvantages in workplace. The baby break is a paid leave so working mothers think the business owner doesn't like it. Actually, some business owners dislike those policies since they are business losses. Therefore, working mothers say the current policies are too nominal. Moreover, in addition to such difficulty in using, the policy itself is not effective. Allowed leaving period is not long enough to take care of young baby. Especially, the subsidy given while leaving is insufficient considering the price of diaper and milk powder. Working mothers also say what they really want is not a new policy but actualizing the current policies. To increase the utilization rate, policy makers should design more feasible policies which working mother can feel free to use while minimizing business losses.


Next is the sociocultural section. This can be more personal solution at the beginning because it is about conscious aspect. While the debate about working mothers is heated, many people still do not consider it is an important issue. I think it is due to traditional stereotype. I mean still there is perception that child caring and doing chores are women's own. That's why I said women are forced to work "in addition to" taking care of their child and doing chores in the first paragraph. I strongly believe that we need to break it down. Men should feel a sense of duty as to child caring and household chores. Just giving women right to work is not fair. If such change on personal perception is accumulated so that cultural change is made, we could relieve working mothers' hardship.


As to this topic, I have had an interview with one working mother, who is a friend of my cousin sister. Her name is Hye-sun Lee, and she has two children. They are 8-year-old and 6-year-old each. She works in IT field. Of course her husband is working. She wanted to talk specifically about the golden week holidays earlier last May. There were Buddha's birthday, Children's day, and 2017 Korean Presidential Election day. Her children's elementary school and kindergarten announced there will be temporary holidays from May 3rd to 9th. However. Her husband and she couldn't apply for a leave because there was many works to do. Even though they could use it legitimately, realistically it is hard. As a result, both parents could not take care of their children by themselves. Instead, she asked her sister to take care of them. Whenever she does so, she feels sorry to their children for not having a time together. She strongly said that there are many working mothers who are temporary-employee or are working in small company. She added those women are usually told from business owner "if you want to use baby break, just quit the job. There are many people who could substitute for you." She finished the interview with this remark. "To actualize the current policies is what the government should do first. Working parents must feel free to use the policies. Also, all working parents want to be a sincere parents to their children."


Today, I talk about hardship working mothers are suffering nowadays in two main sections and related interview. People in our society need to change our recognition about women's role. And the policy maker should make the current policy more practical, possible, and effective as well as just make new policies. To conclude, I hope in the future women can live a more satisfying life.


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Hyobin Jeon/chapter 4 final draft/Wed12

Three Kinds of Careers based on Sex


            Recently, the gap between certain jobs which were qualified only for the men or women in the past is getting smaller. For example, imagine the situation when someone says "I am a nurse" and we do not know whether this person is a man or woman. In the past, there is a high possibility that this person is a woman because almost the whole nurse are woman at that time. But, nowadays, a lot of men are trying to be nurses, and the number of these men nurses is increasing rapidly, so we can not assure this person's sex. As we can see in this one simple example of nurse, world of career keeps changing very fast. However, there are still some differences between what men can do better than women and vice versa. So today, I am going to categorize careers for three parts depending on sex and explain some examples of these three categories.

            First of all, there are some parts of careers which men can perform their own role better than women actually do such as construction workers, taxi drivers or the workers of distribution center. These jobs have characteristics that require exhaustion of physical strength of workers. Imagine the site of constructing tall buildings and structures. In this site, the laborer have to carry heavy subsidiary materials, go up and down a lot of long staircases, and run around the large building sites. Or, you can also think about the day of taxi drivers. They have to sit in narrow space in the car and drive all day for their passengers. The workers of distribution center have important roles of carrying customers' packages which are sometimes so heavy or fragile that they need a particular attention. Generally, these jobs are mostly qualified for men socially. So, these is a special area where men can do better than women do because of the differences between men and women.

Secondly, there are some parts of careers which women can perform their own role better then men do such as kindergarten teachers, nurses or a social worker. At the kindergartens where are full of young mischievous children, teachers should take care of these children as following them. Similarly, fundamental role of nurses is to attend their sick and ill patients at the hospital and that of social workers is also to look after social minorities by being a companion to talk with or doing certain things which minorities can not do. Generally, these jobs are mostly qualified for women socially. As we can see these examples, the part that women can perform much better than men generally do have characteristics related with the ability of volunteering for someone and taking care of them.

Finally, there are some parts that do not have a clear separation of who can perform far better their roles between men and women. Jobs such as middle, high school teachers or chefs can be categorized as this part. These jobs are not clearly divided as jobs for men or jobs for women today. According to my aunt, who is now working as a history teacher at high school, there is little gap between the number of men and women among her colleagues at work and also that of their abilities as teachers. Instead, she said that the ability of teaching knowledge to students is depending on individual, not on sexes.

In this writing, I wrote my own three categorizations of careers depending on sex. Although not every careers can be defined clearly by these three parts I explained above, I think that my explanation can be the most general categorization when dividing careers. I hope that all readers could share various opinions about careers through this writing.




Hayeon Jin/ Chapter 4 Final/ Wed 1-2

3. How can we solve the conflict of working mothers? In other words, what should society do to help women balance work and family if they must or want to work?


Working Mothers? Why not Childrearing Fathers?

The birth rate of the society nowadays is consistently plummeting. The price index has reached a new high, while the wage has not risen much. Given that, it is hard to sustain the family with single income. This explains the reason why the number of working mothers has drastically increased for past two decades. Many of the working mothers find it tough managing both work and childrearing. Therefore, strict implementation of childcare leave in the companies and the reformation of the stereotyped gender roles in the society are needed.

The presence of child care leave system in the companies is so faint that most of the employees can't use it. The child care leave system is supposed to be mandatory by laws in all the companies. However, the defect and the shortage of laws make companies worm their way out of letting employees use it. This makes many working women struggle with their work and childcare. Many of them can't even fully spend their maternity leave but get back to their work. Based on the interview I had with my fathers' friend, working mother, she was unable to fully spend her maternity leave. The boss had tacitly given her a sign that she would be transferred to different station if she empties her space for a long time. What is worse is that she was not the only one who had suffered from such injustice. Some of her co-workers even quitted their jobs for this reason.

Thus, there should be strict implementation of childcare leave by strengthening the surveillance whether the companies are keeping the child care leave system properly or not. Plus, the punishment in case of the nonfulfillment must be reinforced. The government should also tighten up and add details to the regulations regarding child care leave system in a new way. It should not only be the women but also the men who should use that system. The male employees must be given a chance to care their children, and this can only be done with the reformation of the stereotyped gender roles in the society.

Have you heard of the term "working fathers" or "childrearing mothers"? I know that your answer is no. The society had been patriarchic for most of the time. The status of women has been risen starting only few decades ago. It is proven by one statistics, that the percentage of women executives in the 100 major companies in Korea 2016 is only 2.2%. The society had given all the burdens of childcaring to the women. However, the world has changed. We should break such stereotyped gender role. Just as mentioned above, the society should guarantee and foster men to use child care leave. We should always remember that it must never be only the women but also the men who should be responsible for childcaring. Only by then can the working mothers balance both work and family.

What society can do for struggling working mothers are the strict implementation of childcare leave in the companies and the reformation of the stereotyped gender roles. The conflicts that working mothers are facing now will not be solved in an instant. We all need continuous attention in order to make world better for working mothers to live in.  



Christina Woo/Chp4 Final draft/A3

Time for a Change

             It was unusual for women to work in the previous century. Most women stayed at home while men worked; women did not stand the chance to discover or fulfill their potential, and it has not been long since society started to approve of women standing equally with men. However, the conflict of working mothers is still unsolved. I have cut it down to two main points on methods for society to help the working mothers to balance their work as well as their household work. The first point is that society should reinforce the child care service, and the second point is that working women in Korea should be able to leave work on time.

             Firstly, the number of child care service has already increased by a great amount. A Korean child care accreditation proposed that 80% of the child care facilities has been legally approved, whereas the 20% of the facilities has not. However, although these facilities has been approved, there are still many of them that are morally unrighteous. For example, child abuse is the biggest reason why parents hesitate to send their child to the day care service. Child care should be a place of justice and I believe the government should strengthen the service by paying extra attention on the child care service by checking up on these facilities frequently and only allowing verified facilities and services for the children, also by hiring well educated people who truly has a heart to take care of the children. If so, mothers would feel secure and safe at work and children would feel that they are taken care of. It will then be a win-win situation for the parents, the child care service, and the children.

             Secondly, workers should be able to leave work on time. This is a law that people follows well in other countries such as the US. However in Korea, it is difficult to see workers who leave on the original given time. When I filmed a show in Los Angeles, the crew were strict about the given time. For instance if the film time was from 12pm to 8pm, they would stop working at 8. However in Korea, many workers spend the night flat-out working at the office or because their boss had not leave. Well, there is just no time to walk on eggshells. The government should hurry on and reinforce the system of allowing workers to leave on time especially because working mothers has a household to take care of, and it is said that the hardest job in the world is to the household work.

             In conclusion, as much as professional success is important, it is the parents' responsibility to take care of their children. Society has had enough latchkey kids wandering around without knowing when their mothers would be back home. Since the majority of mothers now are co-breadwinners in the family, this should not only be a conflict to mothers, but I believe it applies to men as well. The conflict of working mothers should be quickly solved and hopefully the government will take actions on making good solutions to help working mothers to balance their career as well as their household work.